Why rent when you can own? STOP PAYING RENT and OWN your own home!

Why Buy With Rent to Own?

Rent-to-Own programs create an advantage to buyers, especially those who expect to be in a stronger financial position within a few years.

  • Buy with challenged credit

    Buyers who cannot qualify for a home loan can start buying a house with a Rent-to-Own agreement. Once they have lived in the property for a while, they can attempt to monitor their credit scores and start rebuilding their credit by living within more responsibly. Within a couple of years, they may be able to get a loan once it’s finally time to purchase the house.

  • The buyer can Negotiate and Lock in the purchase price

    In most metropolitan areas the price of housing has risen to historic highs. Buyers with a Rent-to-Own agreement, and some perseverance and negotiation skills can buy in at current market prices before they rise even higher (The actual Sale will occur several years later ). Buyers will then have the option to renegotiate if home prices decrease, but under normal circumstance and the current economic conditions, it does not appear the prices would fall drastically.

  • Live In Test

    Buyers get to live in the home before deciding to buy the property. This way they can become familiar with the neighborhood, school districts, commute to work, safety and crime issues, and the other problems before it’s too late.

Rent to own is when a buyers sign this kind of contract, they agree to rent the home for a set amount of time before exercising an option to purchase the property when or before the lease expires.

While traditionally to qualify for a mortgage, potential buyers need to have a good credit score and cash for a down payment. Without these, purchasing a home may not be an option.

In a rent to own agreement, potential buyers get to move into a house right away, with several years to work on improving their credit score and/or saving for a down payment.